Welcome to Jayma Kunan

LET’S HELP TOGETHER NOW! – or how the Inkas would have said it “Jayma Kunan”

Jayma Kunan

Unfortunately, not everybody is doing as well as we do and poverty is not restricted by any borders and frontiers. This is why we are engaged in two charitable projects, in two countries on two continents.

Children have the right to learn, to play, to grow up with care and to be loved. But the sad reality is that thousands of children in places like Huaycán (Lima, Peru) or Ceadir Lunga (Moldova) cannot exercise these rights. Jayma Kunan was founded to help those children who are heavily exposed to hunger, malnutrition and are excluded from education or basic care. At Jayma Kunan, we believe that those children deserve a better future, a future with opportunities. With this objective in mind, Jayma Kunan is reaching out to support 96 children (status in December 2013) from 5 to 16 years in one of the poorest areas of Lima (Peru). Further, we are trying our best to support schools and hospitals in the community of Ceadir Lunga (Moldova) by providing equipment.

At this point we would like to stress two things. On the one hand, that it is our goal that not a single donated cent is used for administration or overhead costs. All of these costs are borne by our members. This implies that every single Euro donated arrives without any deduction exactly where it is needed. And on the other hand, that we work totally independent of any organization or church. Our conviction is borne of the fact that  we are truly fortunate regarding our personal living situation and circumstances and that we perceive it as our obligation, moreover our duty, to help those in need.